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Part of the West London Buddhist Centre we are a group who meet regularly to practice meditation and to explore ways of applying traditional Buddhist teachings to contemporary urban lives in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

We meet every Wednesday night from 7:00 to 9.30 pm at the Friends Meeting House, 17 Woodville Rd, Ealing, London W5 2SE.


Classes are open to all comers - Buddhists, non-Buddhists, beginners, experienced meditators... please just come with a willingness to develop and explore your own experience. 

Full instruction is available for absolute beginners to meditation.

Classes are led by Jinananda and Munissara. Jinananda is a Buddhist teacher and author who has been practicing within the Triratna Buddhist Community since 1980. He was ordained in 1986.

Munissara is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist working in the NHS. He has been meditating for 20 years and has experience of teaching meditation in both clinical and non-clinical settings. His writing on the subject of mindfulness practice in mental health settings has been published in the medical literature. He was Ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in June 2013 at which time he was given his name. Munissara is a Pali word which means Lord of Sages.

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About buddhist meditation

In a way, there's nothing very "Buddhist" about the meditation you'll find at Meditation in Ealing. When you pay attention to your breath, to the sensations in your body as you walk, or when you cultivate feelings of kindness for another person, you won't have a sense that you're doing anything particularly religious - in a way, these are simply human meditation practices -- ways that a human being can pay attention to his or her experience and gently cultivate greater awareness and kindness. Follow the link to read more about Buddhist meditation.

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